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Can you suggest a solution for abdominal pain?

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kaismama 9 Dec 2012

What kind of pain, stabbing, ache, cramping, intermittent? Where exactly is the pain?

Inactive 9 Dec 2012

I suggest you see a Gastroentorologist and get a full check up as well.

Take care,

Inactive 9 Dec 2012

Hello muhammad tanveer. Could you be possibly more specific. Appreciated, pledge

meyati 10 Dec 2012

I can give you good news-if you are a man-U R not pregnant--- but you could have the flu, cancer, ulcers, ate too much fruit, ate some bad food-spoiled, have E coli, salmonella, IBS, Crohn's disease, telescoped intestines from bunging jumping, internal bleeding, gas from eating bean soup and butterscotch pie, Maybe you've been taking lots of ibuprofen or Motrin-they can do that too. And I've listed only a quarter of the things that cause the tummy to hurt-appendicitis, if you have little pouches in the lining of your bowel-they can get a strawberry seed or something in them and get horrible pain. If you are a guy- we can rule out pregnancy.

endlessPred 10 Dec 2012

If it doubles you over or have a fever with it go to an ER. Meyati is right. We know one thing you don't have. Many, many things you might. Ulcerative colitis, hernia. Were you shot by a gun, ran into a car, stepped on by an elephant?

Ok, we are just having some fun. We do care what is wrong with you and very much want to help you. Severe pain needs immediate attention. A fever over 101.0 degrees Fahrenheit is ER. Other medications depend upon what other medications you may be taking. We are happy to help you sort through this. Please help us know more. free discount card

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