My acne story: I've had acne ever since I was 13 (currently 23), it s hereditary. I used to just have acne on my face but gradually throughout the years I started to get them on my chest and back. Also, my acne is NOT cystic acne, but I've tried pretty much EVERYTHING and have had acne clearly for a very long period of time with no cure. The only thing that really did help was taking minocycline pills, while also using a benzoyl peroxide wash. But, every time I was off the pills and the wash my acne would just come right back. Pretty much, I was dependent on the pills and the wash.

I recently went to my derm and he suggested Accutane mainly due to the severity of my back acne, not my face or chest acne (not severe). So basically I'm wondering if it's worth taking Accutane considering that my acne is hereditary, which makes me believe that all my acne will just come right back once I'm done taking Accutane, leaving me back where I started. It would be great to not have to worry about getting anymore acne (even having a pimple once in a blue moon would be fine). But is it worth all the side effects during the 5-6 month period? I'm not even talking about the extreme cases, but the side effects that 99% of accutane patients tend to get (exp: really dry lips/hair/skin, fatigue, muscle/joint pain etc.).

The main reason I'm considering accutane isn't due to the severity of my acne, but because I've had acne for a long period of time with no significant improvement or cure from the actions I've taken to help it.