I have all s/s of antidep discontinuance syndrome... But can't see someone til weds at soonest... Don't want hospital..Want to move to another state where family friends are... But know I need meds so can u help me when I have been on virtually everything out... This new ablixa scares the hell out of me..Am watching movie right now... Want help but also know lonelness causes it to worsen... Have been thru 4 hospitals for med prob since april13th and 2surgeries... I am scared but want whats best... The only one in harm right now is me... I wouldn't hurt a soul... But I will not go to hospital again... Can you have someone recommend a good drug intervention but also talk with caseworker here... If it won;t dope me and make me feel worst... I promise to try whatever u recomm. Pls call me don't email... Keep calling til u get me... 417-926-7917