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Can you take suboxone the next day after taking perocets? or do I have to be completly off percocet?

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Inactive 14 Apr 2012

I am sorry no one has answered your question, but you have to be in withdrawals first before taking the suboxone. I have alerted our suboxone expert & she will be on shortly if she can to answer your question, but no you cannot take the norco with the suboxone. Sorry this is so late. You can go to her profile, & read the info she posts there all about taking suboxone. Go to your profile, & where it says friends click that, & a space will be provided to type in a name. Type in Pattishan61, & read the info she provides... Mary

Inactive 14 Apr 2012

You have to wait a full 24 hours off short acting opiates like percocet before starting suboxone. You run the risk of going into precipitated withdrawal if you start the subs too soon. Patti

almost_there212 15 Apr 2012

Believe me, wait until you are in moderate withdrawal before starting suboxone. If not, you are going to go into precipitated withdrawal (the worst feeling imaginable). It happened to me once, and I learned my lesson quick. Google the COWS suboxone worksheet to determine what level of withdrawal you are in. They say a score of 26 is good, but I began my treated with a score of 12... everyone is different! Good luck :)

Inactive 15 Apr 2012

You can also google Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale to find that. Some people don't find what they need under COWS, so if you can't find it under that, try Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale. When you take the quiz, and it is not difficult, don't exaggerate the score on the question, or you could inflate the score and still go into precipitated withdrawal. Suboxone demands all the room on the Receptor sites, if there is opiate on those site, the medications Kung Fu fight each other, abandoning the site, yet prevent each other from sitting on the sites. Opiates and opiate replacements have to metabolize out of the brain and body, 24 hours and a score of 26 on the COWS quiz, is usually where precip will not occur while trying to start suboxone or subutex. It is different for Methadone, so, anyone reading this answer, please only start suboxone or subutex under a drs care and supervision, the rules for switching to subs from methadone are completely different. free discount card

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