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What can you take or do for a stress headache??

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PiratePrincess 22 Nov 2012

In a panic,
When I get a nasty headache like that I usually take OTC migraine medicine. The kind I take is a combination of acetaminophen and caffeine.
I also have my husband rub my neck and down into my shoulder blades for as long as he's willing to do it. LOL!
Try laying down with a cold wash rag over your eyes, in a dimly lit or completely dark, quiet room. I usually take a hot bath with a few candles lit to help me relax.
Hope this helps somehow and you get to feeling better!! Good luck!!
Best Wishes,
PiratePrincess <3

Inactive 22 Nov 2012

Hello in a panic. I drink coffee and plenty off it. It has worked wonders for me. Regards pledge

kaismama 22 Nov 2012

Ice to your neck can help. You have to get it numb so those muscles relax.Also stretching your neck muscles can help.

happybrandee 22 Nov 2012

For as stress headache, the first thing that you want to do is, go somewhere where you can totally relax, like your bedroom or any quiet , dark room where you can just relax and have no interruptions. Once you are there, just close your eyes and try to do some deep breathing and if you want rub your temples and your neck muscles and just try to have quiet, pleasant, thoughts. As far as what to take... try anything over the counter that is meant for Migraine headaches, like Excedrine Migraine or even Tylenol, that should help with the pain if relaxiation doesn't. If stuff like this doesn't help you, and you continue to get bad stress headaches, then I would go to your doctor and tell him or her what is going and they may beable to give you a mild sedative to help. free discount card

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