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What happens if you stop taking adderall 30mg xr suddenly?

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kaismama 17 Nov 2012

You could suffer withdrawal from it without weaning off of it.

Inactive 17 Nov 2012

Hello anniecoutcher. Severe anxiety, agitation as well as blood pressure (increase) heart palpitations to name several. Regards pledge

happybrandee 17 Nov 2012

You will go through drug withdrawal if you stop taking it suddenly! PLEASE by all means do not stop taking it suddenly, if you can , with the help of your doctor, you need to wean yourself from this drug slowly. Withdrawal from this is not only very miserable, it can be dangerous.

Shes_A_Rebel88 18 Jun 2017

Stopping your adderall prescription suddenly may cause some withdrawal symptoms depending on the dose you normally take and how long you'd been taking the medication. The withdrawal symptoms associated with this are typically referred to as a "crash". You'll feel really hungry, bounce between super sleepy and insomnia, anxiety, depression and in some people, suicidal thoughts. You may also have your ADHD symptoms return quickly. I have taken adderall for years, ever since I started high school Infact, and there were plenty of times I had to just stop either due to not being able to afford my copay for my Dr appt or my rx, or because of discovering I was pregnant. Everytime it's happened, the symptoms are always the same and for me, generally last around 5 days. free discount card

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