The latest studies referenced by the NY Times (July 2, 2012) says that in the journal, Archives of Internal Medicine, they found a reduced in mortality for men, but not in women taking statins.

Moreover, statins did not reduce stroke in women, but were linked to a 16 percent lower risk for men. The study says their intention is not to have women stop using statins, the author writes, “For overall secondary prevention, statins work for women."

But for some of us, statins have caused permanent muscular disability as referenced on this website. It was good news for me because I cannot take statins after experiencing pain all over my body with one statin after another. I could not tell if it was from my fibromyalgia or the statin. But by the time you can blood test to find out, the damage is done. And having had a stroke already, it was great to find out that there was no lower risk of stroke in women.

Most research in the past were only done on men. Thank goodness that now women are being tested too for diseases.