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Once you start taking cymbalta. In what time dose cymbalta take effect?

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WildcatVet 28 Mar 2013

Hi, Lady! Some people may feel effects after just a few days, for some it may take weeks. Everyone's response is totally individual and can't be predicted.
Best wishes, WCV

monalittle1 28 Mar 2013

hi. most of these type of meds take a couple weeks to have an effective
dose begin to work. for some people a few days and they will start to feel better. but,for the most part it takes these meds a couple weeks to start working and changing the dynamic in our brains that they are working on. i really hope this gives you a bit to work with.

good luck!!

lady2882 29 Mar 2013

It really depends on whether you are talking it for depression or for pain and the dose that you are taking.
Because of cymbalta's short half life, if for pain you will notice a difference within a week or so. For depression it will take a little longer.
I hope you did some research online for this drug before you started taking it. If you didn't I would suggest you start checking it now before you have been on it for very long. free discount card

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