My husband recently got his diagnosis of bipolar disorder. We have been through a lot of mood swings etc... over the last 6 years. We knew something was off. He was treated for anxiety, depression etc before finally getting a correct diagnosis... which I am starting to notice seems common. My mother is also Bipolar and she went through the same process. My husband and I have had a great marriage and he is an excellent father but he seems to always be hot or cold mood-wise which I know is part of the disorder but my question is how you manage/cope with your spouse's mood changes? How do you learn to separate it and not take it so personally etc... I want to be the support that my husband needs but sometimes it makes me feel like a doormat. I know it can also confuse our kids as we can be having an amazing day and then suddenly Daddy is sad or irritable etc... They just gave him new meds so I am hoping those help some... I am new to all of this and just need some support. Noone around me understands anything and I want to love, honor and support my husband through this. We each see counselors separately and go to marriage counseling so we are making every effort to remain open and connected.