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Would like to know what you do for not being able to sleep?

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Nattjenta 26 Dec 2014

Dear Shaky, I've been an insomniac literally all my life. I can remember clear back to when I was a little kid, lying awake in the middle of the night.
I've tried everything. Recently, after years of sleeping pills I tried something new, quite by accident. I ordered some herbal sleep supplements and went to bed early to just read in peace and quiet. I took the supplements, got cozy with a good book, and read. After about an hour I found myself getting tired and just wanted to close my eyes to rest them for a few minutes. Looking and behold, I fell asleep! In order to keep this going I have to get up very early in the AM, stay awake all day, (no naps) and duplicate the herbs, reading and quiet. Most nights I sleep. free discount card

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