I have had a dry mouth, swollen uvula, night sweats, and horrible drainage for more than 2 weeks, we thought it was a virus so my mother took me to the minute clinic to check it out because we believed that it could be mono. After waiting for over two hours to get into the minute clinic and get it done it turned out I tested negative for mono but they sent my results to a lab just to make sure because there's a 98% chance that the test could be wrong. I haven't felt any relief no matter what I take and when I looked celexa up online the side affects where the same as what I am currently having (I'm taking 20mg of celexa) and I'm not sure if I'm sick with a virus or its just celexa side affects and I need to go visit my doctor. What do you think? (I'm below the age of 18 and have been taking celexa for more than a month.)