As soon as I receive my medications for triple therapy I will begin. My concern is the timing of the medications to minimize side effects. My fiance works 12hr shifts 12 days on 2 days off. He and I are trying to decide on the timing of when to begin my medications, more specifically, the interferon injections. We cannot decide if I should take it just before he has time off so I will have him for support while I am the sickest with the flu-like symptoms or if I should take it when he is going back to work so hopefully I have some personal relief enough to enjoy his company. Or maybe neither matters bc I am going to be pretty sick all the time anyway? I know this may not be the most important of questions but I am concerned about the toll my illness will have on my family. I admit I am not the best at being the patient. Thinking of all of you daily. I am thankful you are here for me.