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Can you have sex on the white pill I am on sprintec 28 day I be take the blue pill?

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kaismama 24 Jul 2012

If you have been on it more then one month, you can have sex any time of the cycle. I will explain when I get home from work.

njbaby87 24 Jul 2012

Thank you for helping me out

kaismama 24 Jul 2012

I finally made it home, lol... The pill works by preventing ovulation. It also decreases the lining of the uterus so that a fertilized egg has less of a chance of implanting. The pill works with our natural cycle, by supplying hormones that prevent ovulation. After the first month, when you can't be sure you started it before you ovulated, it will prevent ovulation, therefore preventing pregnancy,so that no matter what time of the month you have sex, you can't get pregnant.

njbaby87 24 Jul 2012

Thank you free discount card

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