I was diagnosed with COPD 5 years ago. I was prescribed large doses to prednisone to get it under control, as well as Spiriva and Qvar 2/day. At that time I was taking 50mg 3/day. It was my first experience with prednisone and the only time I have taken it. I thought I was going to die. Since then I have maintained pretty well with my exercise and medication, have never had to use my rescue inhaler. I did lose my good job because of the COPD. In the past three months I have had an infected bursa in my elbow which required large doses of Doxycycline which made me an insomniac, a nervous wreck and to lose my appetite. Just about the time that was getting well, I developed a really sore throat. Was told I had a sinus infection although no sinus pressure or pain, or colored discharge. Was prescribed amoxicillin 2000mg/day. That run was completed, felt better for four days and the sore throat came back even worse. Was given a 2m injection of Rocephin. That messed my digestive tract up real well. I started having bad anxiety almost constantly since the Doxycycline. The sore throat and massive post-nasal drip continued. Went to see ENT Dr. yesterday. Prescribed more prednisone. As I said I am a nervous wreck, I have lost 15 pounds, I feel totally weak all the time, and am still not sleeping well. Had a bad panic attack this morning, as I am getting chest congestion now. I hate to be a whiner because I know a LOT of people are worse off than me. Until the COPD I was rarely ill.