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How do you get rid of leg cramps?(charlie horse)?

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MacIntosh12 22 Oct 2012

Hi mspunkin8, could you please give us more info? How often do you get these cramps, how long do they last? How long have you had this problem?
It could be a myriad of things causing your cramps, from vitamin deficiency to the shoes you are wearing.
If you give us more info we can better answer your query.
Thank you

Lisa01 22 Oct 2012

Mac is right, more information would be helpful and allow for better answers. In the meantime, I'll give you the basics - heat, massage, walking it out and gentle stretching will generally alleviate the cramp.
But you should realize that if this is happening more than occasionally, something else is going on.

endlessPred 22 Oct 2012

Calcium shortage and Vit D shortage will cause leg cramps as do various medications, inactivity and obesity. To name a few causes. Then there are blocked blood vessels and clots. So you see we are asking for the help to know the cause and stop them. So do kids in a growth spurt and runners get these.

A brief and painful cramp can be stretched out. Place your foot on the floor gently while standing. Now gently shift your weight down for the foot to be flat. It will resist a bit. Then slightly lean forward on that foot. It will slowly stretch the calf muscle out. Be sure to hold the stretch until the spasm is done. If it starts right away again keep repeating taking a few steps. Do this slowly so you don't injure the muscle. It hurts like crazy but will suddenly release. Just keep breathing through this to relax the body.

Recurrent leg cramps need a doctor to find out why.

Inactive 23 Oct 2012

Both my husband and I have problems with leg/foot cramps,esp. at night. I started taking, and giving him supplements with calcium, potassium, and trace minerals, and the cramping has almost completely stopped. If that doesn't work, then you need to see a doctor. free discount card

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