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How do you remove a question if nobody gonna answer?

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Inactive 6 Apr 2012

Hello fred joe. Once a question is posted, it remains posted. Only the site administrators can have questions removed. Regards, pledge

Inactive 6 Apr 2012

pledge is right, the site has been snagging suboxone, subutex opiate withdrawal and opiate dependence posts left and right, from the main site and any questions thqt involve IV drug use references. Keep in mind thqt it is Easter weekend and also spring break for many, and some people who normally would have seen your question might be out of town. I had forgotten about thqt until it applied to a situation my sick room mate and I have, he needs surgery and 3 of the 4 drs were out of town last week, the 4th is out of town for 10 days now. Very frustrating. Hang in there, patti

Inactive 10 Apr 2012

At the bottom of this page, there is a list of "Support". One of them says contact us. I have used it to remove something that I posted with my name and address on it by accident, and they took it off within a few minutes. Write to them, they are very responsive. free discount card

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