On Tuesday (4th) i realized that I had forgot to insert nuvaring on Saturday (1st) that i removed it. It can be uncomfortable during sex, so sometimes i remove it (ofcourse for
less than 3 hrs, which is supposed to be
safe) but this time i forgot to reinsert it! I
haven't put a new ring in and im not using any back up contraception. I decided that if i get pregnant, its welcome :) I was on my 10th day of Nuvaring when i removed it. Its
supposed to be in for 21 days for it to
successfully avoid ovulation. So my
questions are (sorry this is soo long)... 1.Shouldn't i have had withdrawl bleeding already? 2. If nuvaring didn't prevent ovulation due to it being removed early, i would have ovulated dec 3rd. What are my chances of getting/being pregnant?