I have been on Mirena IUD since 4 weeks after I had my son who is now 2 years old. I never broke out or gained weight, i only spotted for the first few months but i havent spotted one time or had a period for over a year and a half now. I recently (four months ago) started getting blood clots all over my body, and they are passing through my vagina, and the past week I have had the most miserable migraines. So bad that I ended up in the emergency room two days ago, the doctor told me it was from my Mirena birth control. I have an appointment on Friday the 24th to get my Mirena taken out because of the blod clots and migraines they are scared they could spread to my brain and I have to switch birth controls. I have a friend who started seasonique who also had a bad experience on Mirena. The side effects she had on seasonique were mild break outs and her breast got very large from them. I was wondering if those were normal side effects and what other side effects anyone have experienced. I know everyone is different and birth control does different things to different people but I just want some input on it and see if anyone is unhappy with seasonique. Please let me know your feedback I'd appreciate it. I dont know if you can post back on here so if not Im even willing to give you my email just because im so worried about switching. my email is webersm2009@hotmail.com

Thank you all so much!