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What do you do when a recent suture is infected and the pain is intense and your getting chills?

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candyisdandy 29 Sep 2014

immediately call dr office and tell them they need to see you this morning. right away, that it's almost emergency situation. One other thing to know is that not everybody who has an infection runs a temperature. My mother had a knee rebuilt and caught staff infection (big round lump on top of her knee). It was red, hot and moveable, and i continually brought it to this esteemed surgeon's attention. All he did was look at the x ray and said the leg was straight and she had no temp. so she could not have an infection. What a jerk!! It cost her 2 more surgeries to clean infection out and many many weeks with a pick line getting 2 I.V. doses every day by a home nurse. Lastly, make sure they culture the infection and get you the RIGHT anti-biotic, they gave her a general anti-biotic for starters and then a few days came to switch to specific antibiotic. I think they gave her vancomycin. Don't wait even a day. Infection is nothing to fool around with. Good luck

davematthews41 29 Sep 2014

Thank you for your quick response
I woke up in agony, moaning and holding my scar together thinking it opened...
When I looked, I saw a pimple-like swelling bump...
I'm really scared now...
But will call doc ASAP
Thank you again!!!

balbanese 30 Sep 2014

You see your Dr or go to the ER immediately. free discount card

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