I have ps for the past 40 yrs skin and nails. joint paint started on and off 4 yrs ago. the only swelling i had was in right wrist lasted for 2 days with pain and restricted movement for 2 weeks and left wrist inside bone swelled a bit a month later and hasn't gone down with restricted movement and pain. Finger, neck, hips, ankle all are stiff and painful on and off with restricted movement. My rheumy thinks its tendonitis in the swelled painful wrist and the rest is fibromyalgia. I started methotrexate and had second dose and am feeling a little bit of relief already... rheumy said that it couldn't be... its just a placebo affect??? What does that mean? My derm. thinks i do have psa? Any ideas, can you really have psa without swelling... i guess it has to start somewhere before it gets worse. blood tests and xray are negative for any other arthritis.