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Can you still have protected sex while having brown discharge from the depo shot and will it cause?

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LousArk 9 Feb 2016

As long as you have your shots on time, you are protected against pregnancy. You are not protected against STDs.
How many shots have you had/how long have you been on Depo Provera?

Ladywhite2000123 9 Feb 2016

Tubes are tied (13yrs)..second shot since Oct 2015... no doc put me on the shot bc of heavy periods plus i have very low iron..

LousArk 9 Feb 2016

It's common to get brown/red/pink discharge or spotting, sometimes even bleeding, for the first 2-3 shots. It usually stops altogether by the time you've had 3, at most.

If it doesn't, the doctors recommend (here in the UK, at least) that you have your shots sooner than normal to stop the bleeding. It's worked many times in the past for me, but the bleeding recurs every few years or so, & so I'd need to repeat the process.
What they do is instead of giving your shot at a 12/13 week interval, they'd give the next one after 9 weeks, the one after 10 wks later, then the one after that at 11 wks. Then back to normal intervals after that. That's assuming that all the way through that, there was no more bleeding. If, for example, after having the next shot at 9 wks, then the one after that after 10 wks, you found you had some spotting or bleeding, then I'd go for the next shot at 9 wks again, & the same for the one after that.

LousArk 9 Feb 2016

Other than that, what I will mention is that I was also on Depo Provera for heavy periods, & now I deal with it naturally.
Once I'd got all of the artificial hormones out of my body, I began to use a reputable liver support capsule each day (our hormones are regulated by our liver) & also the natural product Agnus Castus (Chaste Tree) drops. I use the A. Vogel brand, as it's excellent quality. It got me back into a regular, light-medium flow menstrual cycle, with little PMS (I used to get it very severely), within a few months, & now I continue to use it as a maintenance dose, to keep on top of things. free discount card

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