my wife has to take these 3 times per day,cause she has primary biliary cirrhosis of the liver& has been taking for 4-5 yrs to keep her alive, she has been in a medicare advantage plan ever since she started on ursodiol 300mg capsules,but now this year ,our ins,iu health,tells us she is gonna be in stage (3) after ins& her pat another ?1,600 dollars on meds&she will have to pay ?900 dollars on a (90) day supply of these, her last refill at krogers, cost her ?44.00& Kroger billed IU HEALTH ?1,520 dollars& iu health paid them,this seems ridiculous to me, just last oct, when she was with anthem- bc-bs,they only billed anthem ?598.00 & she paid ?45.00 why has these pills gone up in price,or is Kroger overbilling the ins co.?&why did iu health pay that amount?if these pills actually increased that much, is there any way my wife can get any discount on these pills from the supplier, which is LANNETT, out of penn. my wife or I cannot afford ?900 for a 90 day supply of these capsules, but she needs them to survive, thank you very much