About 2 weeks ago my boyfriend and I got a little too intimate and decided to have intercourse. I had recently started Aubra BC 6 days before and they told me to wait 7. I had taken the pill at 9pm so it was my 6th day going on 7. He did 2-3 strokes and then pulled out because he could feel my discomfort. Immediately I had an emotional breakdown and when I left his house i was fully of anxiety. He used a condom and did NOT ejaculate. I did a lot of research and have no signs of pregnancy~~ no nausea, no vomiting, no sore breasts, no dark breasts, no spotting or cramps or anything, No change in appetite either. I am now on my first day of the sugar pills and i don't have my period. Does that mean I might be pregnant? Or am i just being extremely paranoid?