I had unprotected sex yesterday at approximately 5 am. The partner was only in me for less than a min, less than 30 seconds I would even guess. We were alone and decided to try it for feels. Needless to say, he never released in me. Yesterday at around 11am I woke up and felt horrible about everything. I also felt as though I was ovulating, but I don't track my cycle very well. I just go by feel, since I am not usually sexually active. By 2am, and after some research, I went and bought the Plan B pill and took it. Meaning I took Plan B within the first 24 hours. Today I am feeling the dizziness side effects, as well as that feeling of ovulating (a strange pulled-muscle feeling coming from my lower back and side). However, I am scared the pill won't work?! I'm afraid yesterday was my first day of ovulating. I know the partner didn't release in me, but I am still afraid. As a college student I can't be pregnant right now but my morals are against abortion. On top of that I don't even like or know the partner. What are the chances I will become pregnant?