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What happens if you use plan b more than once?

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LousArk 14 Feb 2016

In what length of time?

Alejandra_x3 14 Feb 2016

A month

LousArk 14 Feb 2016

Well, you're only meant to take one dose in any one menstrual cycle, so it would be a massive dose of hormone, that would mess your cycle up & likely give you lots of hormonal symptoms, such as those that you would get with a period or pregnancy (fatigue, nausea, mood swings, severe cramping, bloating, leaking/sore breasts etc).
In terms of your bleeding, it could make it very heavy and/or irregular, with some spotting or brown/pink discharge, & then once it's stopped it could be a few months before you get your normal periods back.
I once took 2 doses in the same month about 3 yrs ago, & I ended up in hospital because I was convinced I was miscarrying, the bleeding & cramping were so severe. It was incredibly painful & my mood swings were terrible. I was very depressed for a couple of weeks. I was also passing loads of clear mucus within the blood & clots that were coming away.

Alejandra_x3 14 Feb 2016

OMG yes I been having the same thing I been stressing over the fact that I could be pregnant which is causing me to feel very emotional I been bleeding for several times but it only lasts 2-3 days I mean there's not much of a difference with my period since I usually have it 3 days but as long as I took the pill and I'm having bleeding. I will be alright ?!

LousArk 14 Feb 2016

The bleeding doesn't mean anything. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't. As I say, you could well be in for a rough ride, if you've only just taken the second dose. Hopefully you'll be lucky.
In terms of pregnancy, you can always do a pregnancy test from the time your period would be due. The bleeding you are having now is from the Plan B, most likely. free discount card

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