I take non-estrogen birth control. I've been taking the same pills for about 3 years. I'm a Saturday start, always have been. At the end of my second week of birth control pills, I missed two days, Friday and Saturday. I did what the pack said and took two pills Sunday night, when I remembered I had forgot, and two pills Monday night, and as of Tuesday, I am caught up. It is now Thursday, I have been taking pills again since Sunday. Sunday I got my period, and it is still going. I start my fourth week, the week of blank pills or placebo pills, Saturday. I'm concerned because I got my period during my third week, and I think it will be done or almost done by the start of my fourth week. Is this okay and is it normal since I missed two days? Will my period be back on track next month, or will I continue getting it during the third week every month, like this month? Should I alter my start day or take all blank pills in the forth week even though my period will be done? How long should I refrain from sex since I missed those two days?