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Where can you get help paying for Savella? It is costly to me as my ins does not pay for it?

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4 May 2012

Hello smidget. You might contact Forest Pharmaceuticals Patient Assistance Program: 1-800-851-0758 Regards, pledge

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4 May 2012

Does it have to be Savella rather then cymbalta? I am sending you some websites and phone numbers that are for assistance. The CoPay Relief Program 1-866-512-3861 or; or Suddenly Senior; or Needy Meds; and Partnership for Prescription Assistance 1-888-477-2669 or Hope one of these is helpful!

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smidget 4 May 2012

I tried Cymbalta and had a severe reaction to it..Thanks so much for the information I will look into it,With paying my own insurance and having to pay for meds also..just can't do it..stressful and thats something i really don't need any more of..thanks again

kaismama 4 May 2012

I know, I have no insurance at all, I just don't have an extra $600 a month for the insurance we are supposed to be able to get now despite pre existing conditions but no one told the insurance companies they can't price gouge us.
I went through my meds with my pharmacist when I lost my insurance and found generic substitutions for the meds I was on, then took it to my doc and everything was switched to the generics substitutes, I took over $200 a month off my med expenses. I doubt I'll change back when I get medicare, because its alot cheaper even with insurance to get all generics.

smidget 4 May 2012

I am really considering just going off of Savella and just taking pain meds as did before..may have pain, but at least I will not have Dr bills and huge bloodwork bills..any suggestions as to how to cut it off? Only been on for 3 mo. and I do have some side effects..leg and footcramps..moodiness and sweats and sometimes I think its not worth the side effects..but alot of bills to tell me I def have Fibromyalgia..and can't work hardy even part time..thanks for letting me vent..

4 May 2012

I have been looking for help in getting Savella paid for for over a year now. I've been very fortunate in that my doc has kept me in stock with samples. Knowing the cost of this, its been a real blessing. I was told about one Rx drug company in the UK that is cheaper. I've not used it myself so I can't tell you much about it. Its called Christian Rx. If you find a cheaper way to get it, please let me know. I wish you luck.
In peace,

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