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Can you pass an u.a. while taking tramadol?

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DzooBaby 31 Dec 2012

It depends on what kind of a test it is and if they are testing specifically for it. If it is for pain management they WILL look for it. If it is for employment, they may or may not test for it. It is considered to be "opiate like" because it acts on opioid receptors in the brain but it isnt made from the poppy plant or any natural or synthetic opioid alkaloids. It is chemically closer to antidepressants actually than the opioids. Do you know what kind of test they are using? Who is giving you the test? This may help us to answer if we know.

Delila 31 Dec 2012

Hi, i've had urine analysis tests recently to check what medications are in my system before starting a new prescription, and Tramadol did show up (as an opiate), even several days after i stopped taking it! free discount card

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