Many people will live as my nephew has died, the accident in Florida killed him, but not before doctors could harvest his organs.
What he did was a selfless act, by being an organ donor.

My license says to harvest anything/everything, but that's just how I feel.
Does your license say the same, or are you of the belief that we need all our organs in death? I'm not trying to start an argument, that's the last thing I want! Just want everyone to think about organ donation, just think about doing this.

The police have arrested the guy that did this, he ploughed straight into them (nephew and his gf) with a big truck as they cycled. I can barely stand to look at this guys mug-shot. I realize he is a human being and I must forgive him, eventually, but not right at this second. I can't right now, but I will.

I saw my brother on an interview via television, he is absolutely broken over this. I'm praying that his depression, which he was still taking Paxil for, won't return with a vengeance. He needs all the help he can get, at this time. No one should have to bury their child, it's just not natural. Not the natural order of things. We are supposed to go before our children do and my heart goes out to anyone who has lost a child.
Love to all,