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Can you take norco & xanex 2 hrs apart ?

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pamee 4 Mar 2014

Hello Butterflies,
Yes you can, just be careful as taking both together can increase side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness.

butterfliesRfree 4 Mar 2014

Thank you very much Pamee !

pamee 4 Mar 2014


SandraLHoutz 19 Mar 2014

What about if the doctor is using Norco 5/325 along with Klonopin 2.5 mg.? He just recently prescribed Ultram 50 mg for me to take in place of the Norco as I was suspecting it as causing my bad gastro problems ... but it wasn't (embarrassed to say this, it was two ingredients in licorice that I'm not to eat, wasn't aware it was in licorice, high fructose corn syrup and wheat flour! lol! I felt pretty stupid, quite eating licorice and bam tummy better!) So I haven't started the Ultram yet ... not sure what to do ... it's for severe post-op knee pain ... total knee done in July 2013 and just had three more procedures on the same knee on Valentine's day and doing tons of therapy and I'm only getting worse, pt thinks it's a hardware issue, malignment in the meniscus probably ... just sent doc's office an e-mail about what pt is thinking ... but the pain is a pretty steady to constant 8-9 before during and after therapy ... nothing really helps much at all :( free discount card

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