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Can you use monistate 1 day right after the mirena is out to get rid of the foul smell?

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kaismama 13 Jan 2013

I don't know if it would help,its for yeast not odor.

cleaningkris 13 Jan 2013

it actually takes it away for a few days but it always comes back i just didnt know if anybody else does it and once the mirena is out since that seems to be my problem with the smell and everything i just figured maybe i will do the monistat after it's out to see if that solves it for real ... when the smell just got to wear i couldn't stand it no more or if i just wanted to be with my husband in the bedroom i would do a monistat 1 to just get rid of the smell so i can enjoy myself for a few days and then it would come back so i was wondering when i get the mirena out that i could just do a monistat and be done with it forever maybe and very hopefully !!! i just wanted to know if anybody had and suggestions or anything that could help me at all thanks

DzooBaby 14 Jan 2013

If you are having foul smelling discharge, this is more likely to be from a bacterial infection rather than a yeast infection. Yeast infections are not usually foul smelling. Monistat wont do anything for a bacterial infection. You need to consult your gynecologist for a proper diagnosis and treatment rather than trying to self treat.

cleaningkris 15 Jan 2013

yup i agree and i got it out today and man it's amazing i already feel better im not light headed or anything i have had that thing since 2008 and i feel the best i ever had and i just got it out today it's CRAZY i wish i would have got it out sooner for real ... but anyway the doctor gave me a prescription today for the bacteria she said i had a little of bv and that the prescription will take care of that so that's great... so i am all set now hopefully... thanks everybody free discount card

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