Medicaid may be an option for you. We consulted an attorney who specializes in it and were told that there were absolutely no qualifications other than that the person requesting it have no more than $2,000 in assets. Your medical situation has nothing to do with it. Your husband's salary and assets have nothing to do with it. This was in the State of Michigan, but I'm sure that Medicaid is Federally funded.

If ObamaCare stays in place, no health insurance company can reject you for pre-exisiting illnesses. But the Republicans and Romney have vowed to eliminate ObamaCare if they get in power. That's just a fact.

Right now NO health insurance will cover any of my pre-existing illnesses. My husband makes a very good salary, but my medical expenses amount to about $200,000 a year, so it would be a problem for us. I am trying to keep my current health insurance which is through my company, but like many of us, I may lose my insurance.

You would have to give your assets to a trusted family member or someone else. It could even be your spouse.