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Can you mix vyvanse 70mg with two 5mg percocets?

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Inactive 12 Mar 2012

Hello Bigblue2012. I ran a check and found nothing to say you can't mix the two. Doesn't mean that there are none, interactions of mixing, taking the two. Its just not been reported as such. I'm not a doctor or chemist, so you might ask your doctor or pharmacist to confirm, or get thier opinion. Regards,pledge

Bigblue2012 13 Mar 2012

Ok thank you. I have adhd and im prescribed 70mg vyvanse. I just recently hurt my back and got prescribed percocets. I was kind of scared to mix them because one was a upper and one was a downer. But I did and everything was just fine.

Inactive 13 Mar 2012

I understand. Glad it went well. Thats good to hear. Have a great week. free discount card

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