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Do you still make Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive?

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kaismama 26 Dec 2014 doesn't make anything, just info. I can tell you its still available. I just bought some last week at cvs.

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lhudgins 7 Apr 2015

My CVS no longer has Cushion Grip. I checked on line but the cost at some of the mail order companies was outrageous. We have used it for years and really like it so would like to buy locally.

peachfire 20 May 2015

Anyone found an alternative product since Merck apparently took this product off the market? I just want to cry because I cannot afford a reline at this time and this is the only thing that makes my dentures fit. I am so upset about this, I guess its back to a liquid diet because these jerks took away my only semi-hope about living with dentures... Dentures suck never get them keep as many of ur teeth as u can, ur life will never be the same with dentures, I cannot eat raw vegetables, pickles, anything that requires a strong bite, they didn't tell me that I would lose over 3/4's of my bite ratio/capacity... it sucks

Cntrygurl 24 Jun 2015

Is there any way to get cushion grip thermal plastic denture adhesive ? It is the ONLY thing on the market that works it allows you to eat with out dentures falling out please help me find it there are thousands of people who feel the same

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kimberlymjoann 18 Jul 2015

Please manufacture the cushion grip thermoplastic denture adhesive. I need it desperately.

builtinnurse 19 Oct 2015

The BAYER CO. purchased all rights to Cushion Grip and it is no longer on the market and no plans to be in the future. I have found the re-liner kits available at CVS to be quite easy to use and each application last about 2-3 weeks. It's not expensive, and it does work. There is some taste issue, but it fades with time. Good Luck to you!!

Tinker183123 29 Nov 2015

Pam the company that made Cushion Grip was bought out by Bayer and they discontinued the Cushion Grip. You CAN buy a four pack of it on BUT you will pay $399.00!!! I am currently looking for a product, also, that works as good as the Cushion Grip did, but so far no luck...

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fanartin 12 Feb 2016

Boycott ALL Bayer products (there are thousands of them!) until they put Cushion Grip back on the market--preferably in a larger tube at a reasonable price!

Lindey6 13 Feb 2016

This is the best product for dentures. Please don't discontinue. My whole family has used it for years.

Coris 1 Feb 2016

Walmart has Reline-It for $5.24. You get 2 soft relines. It is in the denture section. The taste is not as strong as it used to be.

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pjparks 29 Feb 2016

What is the name of the product?

Flo61554 30 Apr 2016

Comfort lining thermoplastic denture adhesive or box relines are the closest to cushion grip.

Flo61554 30 Apr 2016

No cushion grip has been discontinued and people on eBay and Amazon are price gouging. It's so sad

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Roadglider 8 Jun 2016

I found a new product on Facebook.
It works better than CUsion Grip. Selectable softness.
Search: SureGrip Dental Adhesive

Vondaluvsck 11 Jun 2016

It's comfort Lining thermoplastic denture adhesive?

segant 20 May 2016

I sent an email to Bayer expressing my concern that Cushion Grip was no longer manufactured and that there are thousands of people that use the product. While on the phone we went to both Amazon and Ebay and they were outraged at the prices the product is being sold. I told them they had enabled a black market and they totally agreed.

I suggest contacting Bayer via email. You need to include the product you are writing about and Cushion Grip is not listed. I just checked one of the products in the list and told them in the opening sentence I was writing about Cushion Grip. They responded within 24 hours and within a week send another email asking that I call them. When I called provided them the response number to the lady answering the phone and she took all the information. She said the more people contact them the better chance to have the product put back on the market.

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fixers212 21 May 2016

I called them yesterday. There is 3 people in my family that used the product. I just hope these people have enough sense to look at this problem objectively. BH

CourtneyO 22 May 2016

I heard bayer might have bought out comfort lining thermoplastic denture adhesive

Inactive 20 Sep 2016

Go with COMFORT LINING ( just go directly to its' site ). It is thermoplastic material . It's approximately 1/6 th of what those gougers on ebay are charging for Cushion Grip !! Start putting those Cushion Grip crooks out of business ! Sometimes EXTREME GREED rears its' ugly head !

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Valentine Day Twin 22 Sep 2016

Cushion Grip is no longer sold over the counter. However, it is being sold on ebay and other sites through the process of "PRICE GOUGING" (astronomical pricing due to GREEDY INDIVIDUALS). There is a comparable product out. It is COMFORT LINING. It too is a thermoplastic dental adhesive. It goes for about 1/6 th of what Cushion Grip is going for on ebay. Just go directly to the COMFORT LINING website and its' price is in the lower $30 range. Don't be foolish and fall for those Cushion Grip prices on ebay. Capitalism is a way of the United States. But GREED toward the vulnerable people that prefer thermoplastic adhesive is shameful and disgusting.

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fanartin 26 Sep 2016

Comfort Lining does not work. I tried using their confusing directions first. Then I applied logic the second time and the third time. It doesn't "set up" either outside your mouth or inside (the instructions don't specify). It stayed soft in my mouth all day and oozed out no matter what I tried to eat.

domino4519 25 Sep 2016

I just found out they are no longer making Cushion Grip. I used to pay $10 - $12 dollars for a 1 oz tube. I found out that there is another company that sells Comfort Lining. It is $35 for a 1oz tube. That is quite a price difference. I am having a hard time accepting this information. I have no idea of what to do.

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Deborah Diane Otte 24 Nov 2016

Do you still make cushion grip denture adhesive?

prv8eye 17 Nov 2017

I find the plain Cushion Correct works better than Cushion Correct EZ. It's the one in the pink box.
The plain Cushion Correct, for me, seems to adhere to the denture better and last longer.
Your results may vary. I suggest you try both and order a couple of tubes cause it does take a while to get it and once you try it you won't want to be without it ever again. Get the big tube.
Actually like it slightly better than the old Cushion Grip which worked great but was a bear to remove.

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Drock33523 21 Nov 2017

I forgot to mention it is much easier to remove than cushion grip. I rate it a 10! **********

grn2eyes 4 Apr 2018

I am new to denture and never used Cushion Grip, but reading about it Bayer company bought patient and will not produce it anymore. So looking around I found Denture Sure Fit Kit. You can get it through Amazon or its website for 50 dollars. I used it on top dentures and was really pleased with it. I even used it on bottom dentures and WOW... it made my bottom dentures tighter but still use denture cream, but I use less of it now. My dentist was going to charge me 140 dollars for reline and dentures were going to have to be sent out for this. There was a 2 week waiting period to get them back. Oh, heck no.. so I did not even go that route. I replace the reline about every 3-4 months. Watch videos on youtube for tips and tricks on using this product it really helps. I hope I have help others out there with this problem. Good Luck!

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