I was on Lexapro for one year and it worked fine. Then I got back my anxiety. The Doctor upped the dose to 20mgs and I took for 2 weeks and it did not work. Of course, he was on vacation; so I suffered. Then I found out on medicine.net that generally Lexapro only works with 5mgs and 10mgs and most times taking 20mgs is like taking 10mgs and I guess it is the same with Celexa. So why did he not know that? I am realizing that lots of times they want to give you an add-on, perhaps more money for pharmaceutical companies. It is so sad that pharmacists are not even aware of this. We need to let the public know. Why put someone on a higher dose and let them think it is fine. When are other drug companies going to step forward and put more ssri out; one that do not need so called add-on.