I was at 198 lbs at my last dr visit. Triglycerides are at 600. My dr ssnt me to a kidney specialist due to elevated aldosterone leveks. Kidney specialist appointment was 6 weeks out. I went ahead & started on supplements like fish oil, bergamot supplements, b complex, niacin & vitamins E & D. Got on a keto diet but focused more on veggies & protien watching carbs, sugar & keeping fats to minimum. I lost 11 lbs in the 6 weeks from my primary dr appt to specialist appt. I take high bp meds but my bp is still elevated at around 130/80. My kidney dr put me on Vascepa, 6 grams a day taken 2x a day for triglycerides and Eplerenone for Aldosterone. Should i get off the keto diet? I lost lbs since I started this diet, lost inches from waistline & overall feel great.