I am 36 (1 miscarriage followed by 2 live births) and my gyno put me on birth control for irregular periods after not having a period for about a year. At first, I did have spotting during my scheduled menstruation week(albeit light my gyno said it was ok as long as there was some amount of menstruation). Now I have not menstruated at all in 5 or 6 months though I am still taking the pill everyday. I have no cramping at all, but I do occasionally experience hot flashes, moodiness and a decreased sex drive. Is it possible to have early-onset menopause at 36? Oh I have not been sexually active at all in the last 6 months so I am definitely NOT pregnant. Although the idea of more children is somewhat appealing to me, my husband and I are not planning on having more children. So I wouldn't be completely disappointed if it were menopause-just a little worried about the health implications overall.