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Can you take instant smoothie a day a greens plus product while on Cyclobenzaprine and Amitripline?

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madhupjoshimd 24 Mar 2013

In my experience, mixing OTC and prescription medications is not a good combination. Mainly because OTC non FDA approved substances might not have the compound listed on the bottle. Also the dosage might be different than listed on the bottle.
So, I wold not recommend using greens plus, if you mix the instant smoothie yourself and know what you are putting in it, it should be ok. However, if it is another unknown product, I would advice against using it.
Please consult your doctor for a definitive answer.
Madhup Joshi, MD
Maui, Hawaii

mfpdfibro 24 Jun 2013

If these are nutritional supplements I don't think that they would have any indications with the medications you listed. For example, if you where on Cumadin (a blood thinking medication) you have to stay away from food or food supplements that contain Vitamin K. This is well known; however I have been on both of the medications you listed and have never heard of any problems with adding nutritional supplements while on these medications. I take a lot of herbal and vitamin supplements. Best of health to ya! free discount card

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