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Which is better for you ibuprofen or tramadol hcl?

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kaismama 18 Nov 2012

It depends on why you have pain and your health condition. Personally for me, I can't take nsaids because I get ulcers. NSAIDS don't work for every type of pain. They only work for pain caused by inflammation. So its all up to the person taking them which is best.

Inactive 18 Nov 2012

Hello kyhibi. It depends on the individual. How tolerant you are to either drug, as well as the level of pain. My choice between the two would be Tramadol. Have a great Sunday, pledge

meyati 19 Nov 2012

I was told that tramadol can cause seizures, but most people don't have any problems. It is a narcotic and it is possible to get addicted-but I think that you have to take it for a long time-it also depends on the dosage. I'm considered seizure prone. A med to prepare for a colonoscopy caused me to have seizures and the statin in all cholesterol meds caused me to have seizures. I also have sections of my colon and intestines that are hyperactive (seizures) that's in my health record like that with the parens. I was awake, no twilight, and the doctor told me that he needed to wait until my GI system calmed down. They took color pictures of it and gave them to me. I take a anti-seizure med for my stomach.

Delila 19 Nov 2012

They both carry their potential side effects - Ibuprofen can cause stomach ulcers and must be taken with food, Tramadol can cause nausea and lethargy. Tramadol has the potential for addiction/dependancy, whilst Ibuprofen doesn't. If you want to know what medication to take to ease pain i would suggest you talk to a pharmacist or doctor as it would make a difference what pain you are wanting to treat.

Inactive 19 Nov 2012

I think that you should ask the question, which one works better for you? That should be your answer, since both have side effects. If you can't tolerate one, then try the other. free discount card

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