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Can you take Hysingla ER 20mg and Norco 5-325 together or in the same day?

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chuck1957 18 Nov 2016

Phillip; Did you tell the E.R. Doctor that you were already taking the Hysingla ER 20MG, And I hope you are not on a pain contract with the clinic that is giving you the Hysingla ER 20mg Many people this is the only way to get pain medications these days if you do have a contract before you take any of the Norco call your doctor that give you the Hysingla and explain you had to go to the ER AND that is what the doctor gave you. Because the clinic well find out from the E.R. and they may cancel you as a patient for getting other pain medications from another doctor. But the difference is Norco is not timed released and the Hysingla ER iS the same active pain medication Hydrocodone but it is ER which is extended Release.It really would be a good question for the doctor giving you the Hysingla ER but sometimes they do use the Norco for breakthrough pain if the Hysingla ER for some reason does not last as long as it should. But remember this is going to stay in your system for 3 to 6 hours so adjust your next dose of Hysingla accordingly. And like I said if this is a pain medication given by a doctor in a pain clinic and you have signed a contract you had better let that doctor know before they refuse to give you any more Hysingla ER. Have a good weekend. free discount card

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