I am in A-fib, and have been in it regularly for over 2 yrs. About 2011, a new Cardiologist took me off of Sotalol, since I continued to revert back into A-FIb. After much time and multiple cardio-version attempts (5), and about a year taking the horrendous amiodarone that was followed by a cardio-version, that resulted in only 2 weeks in normal rhythm, amiodarone was stopped and I am on no arrhythmia medicine. All I take is Coumadin, metoprolol tartrate, and Diovan HCT for blood pressure. I feel crappy all the time, and asked my MD if I could go back to sotalol (just because I would hope it would calm things down with the irregular heart-rate.) He told me it would take being hospitalized for 3-4 days to make sure there were no bad effects after being placed on it. I don't remember that being necessary the first time I was given it, so I ask for some insight into this. Do I really need to endure the cost and discomfort of being admitted to a hospital to get back on this medicine, should it be determined a course of action? Thanks for putting up with that excessively long build up to the question.