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Have you heard of using Nuedexta to help treat depression?

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WildcatVet 20 Sep 2013

Hi, johns! As far as I know (and I very well might be wrong!!) Nuedexta is only currently approved for a rare neurological condition, pseudobulbar affect or PBA. The emotional symptoms resemble depression.
Clinical studies are being done to test it's efficacy in treating drug-resistant depression, and apparently some doctors are prescribing Nuedextra off-label.
I haven't read any of the forums or anyone's comments about it works for them. You could Google *nuedextra for depression*.
Good luck! WCV

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RonMan 21 Sep 2013


Nuedexta contains a combination of dextromethorphan and quinidine. Dextromethorphan affects the signals in the brain that trigger cough reflex and is generally used as a cough suppressant.

Quinidine affects the way that the heart beats and is generally used to in people with certain heart rhythm disorders.

Nuedexta is used to treat involuntary outbursts of crying or laughing in people with certain neurological disorders, including multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease).

Nuedexta may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.


I hope that helps.


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CKG 30 Aug 2014

I was prescribed NUEDEXTA "off label" for depression and it worked for me in 10 days.

I had been on CYMBALTA & ABILIFY but they really weren't helping me as I continued to be seriously depressed (as a result of a traumatic brain injury and a stroke). The neurologist I saw is *highly acclaimed" within the medical community for his expertise and in the waiting room I spoke to a patient that just raved about him.

The neurologist told me that he had prescribed NUEDEXTA to 200 patients that were depressed. (I don't know if their depression was a result of a neurological disability)

Of those 200 patients, five (5) patients experienced side effects. Four (4) patients' side effects stopped between three (3) days and one (1) month. One patient did not experience any change in his level of depression.

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mdgoldbe 1 Apr 2015

Would you be willing to post the name and any contact information for your doctor or contact me directly? My doctor is interested in prescribing it for me (I have treatment resistant bipolar depression and ECT, VNS, and rTMS as well as experimental medications have failed). Thanks

ChrisP206 22 Aug 2016

My off-label experience is the same, although it's been less than two weeks so far. My husband is so relieved to see I may have found something to help my depression and crying.
I see your comment was made 3 years ago. Do you have anything to add?

CKG 23 Aug 2016

In answer to the first question, my neurologist asked that I not reveal his name. (I guess liability issues). In response to the 2nd question, I am still using the rx and have no intention of stopping. free discount card

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