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Should you take harvoni in the morning or at night?

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jrcpitt80 10 Feb 2015

I take mine at 8 p.m. And have been fine with it.

paulette47 10 Feb 2015

I take mine in the morning after breakfast so it does not disturb my sleep night.. No sides..

paulette47 10 Feb 2015

Make sure you drink lots of water so you don't get headaches..I try to drink four 20 ounce bottles a day..

yjones 11 Feb 2015

Thank you so much, the meds came, I will plan to start Thursday am since I am off that day just in case. I have a full day of meetings tomorrow so figure that might not be the best day to start.

loukazoo 20 Feb 2015

I want to take mine at night as well maybe 9:00, I'm also on Ambien... I've had sleep problems years and years... By taking it at night, how are the headaches and tiredness ?

ace of diamonds 23 Feb 2015

Hi, I call this medicine the Ace of Diamonds, I've tried the peg interferon with ribs, or what ever that poison ,was a couple of yrs. ago, ugh, ugh, ugh, !!Had to finally stop after a month and that was trying to push myself solo much, but finally said enough is enough, with terrible side affects, a.Than came along "HARVONI" ,=MIRACLE!!! I am very sensitive to medication, and that's all I've been doing is "bragging" to my family that I can't believe how easy it is to take this medicine, sure. A bit of my sleeping patterns of and light stomach type upsets, but, come on, how can we really honestly complain negative when there is just too many positives on Harvoni, so far I'll be on my 17th day, yahoo, I'm loving it,,, and went for my lab tests today, order my second bottle this Friday, always remember to order 1week ahead, also once you do Begin taking the med.

Tsmall 1 Sep 2017

I think God gave scientist brains and opportunity to develop this medication. So yes thank God free discount card

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