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What happens if you use Harvoni and drink while on it?

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azbec 15 May 2016

I am not even sure how to respond to this question. Why would ever want to drink if you have Hep C. Alcohol is like fire to your liver when you have Hep C. I am in stage 4 of cirrhosis and fight everyday for my life, I took Harvoni and I am clear of Hep C but I would never ever want to continue to damage my liver again. Consider yourself lucky to have been able to receive the Harvoni and forgo the alcohol.

Stephen Treloar 16 May 2016

The OP probably needs to be aware that every single 1 ounce of alcohol is equal to 1~2 days of his life. A party just cost you two weeks of living OP.

Panchina 17 May 2016

Your comment is respected and appreciated but you did not answer the question. Can someone who has drank on Harvoni answer the question

Stephen Treloar 18 May 2016

OK, sorry. There is no drug interaction between Harvoni and alcohol. My Doctor would not authorise any treatment regime again for me until I had given up drinking. He told me flatly that why should he care when I clearly didn't; good point and I was supposed to die 10 months ago, but complied (~99%). Now my Liver function tests comeback better than they were 10 years ago. Harvoni is magic.

Cureforsure15 15 May 2016

You may not want to hear what I have to say but here it goes... First and foremost... if you have Liver disease... why are you drinking alcohol? And if you are going to start taking HARVONI to cure you body of HepC you should NOT be drinking any alcohol whatsoever. Its counter productive... But we all have priorities and if drinking alcohol is more important than having a healthy liver and ridding your body of HepC then I guess you have chosen what your priority is to be. Maybe you don't realize that this disease will destroy your body eventually. You should ask yourself... is a few drinks a week, a month ... whatever ... worth spending the future ... with Liver disease? free discount card

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