I had to stop taking Trileptal because it gave me a rash & sores in my mouth! It helped my mood tremendously, however I am having withdrawal symptoms like jittery feelings, etc. Has anyone had to stop taking this med & if so, what other medication did your dr give u that helped u besides Lamictal? Both meds gave me sores on my gums & I liked both of them a lot! The Lamictal helped my mood a lot & so did the Trileptal! The cocktail worked great together when I took the Trileptal, wellbutrin, & prozac together & now I need 2 find something else that helps my mood that fit in with the other 2 ADs! I want 2 hear others who took these meds as well & I am going 2 ask my dr also. Please respond, I appreciate all the responses, tips & suggestions I can get! Thanks!