For years I have suffered from all of these plus more. Last Oct I found what I thought was a boil or pimple on my head where 3 years earlier I had a cyst removed. So I messed with it and a suture about 1/2 in popped out! I then thought all was good and that it would heal well it didn't! I kept messing with it cleaning it etc and it wouldn't heal! This is where im not sure what happened. I started getting extreme pain in my bad hip. Things got worse and I took 4 ambulance rides to the ER and they kept sending me home. After the last er trip they decided to keep me and run tests. What happened was I had a staph. Infection that settled in my hip. They took me into surgery to clean out my infected hip. Then I was sent to a nursing home for 6 weeks for antibiotic IV treatment. I came home on Dec.1st but still wasn't able to walk or even bend my hip! The x ray of my femer bone looked like a 3 leaf clover and it was totally fused together. On June 4th I finally got a total hip replacement! Now I can walk like new! Ok, here is my new problem, my Achilles tentons on both legs keep hurting so bad that after I sleep im having problems walking. The pain jumps from heal to heal then sometimes I have no pain! I also have knee and other side hip pain and ankle pain and extream lower back pain. Im still on the same pain meds that I have been on for the last 10 yrs. I have waited 12 yrs for a new hip because of my age. Is it the FM the myo or the chronic pain, the osteoarthritis of maybe something new? My meds are 80 mg OXYCONTIN and dilaudid 4mg for break thru pain, 800 mg Motrin, and thyroid meds oh and valium 5mg. I forgot, I also have ddd and djd. ANY HELP WILL BE MUCH APPRECIATED!!