Is anyone out there taking Linzess for constipation? I have been on it for a month (got a discount coupon from my Gastro that lowers the price from $75 to $30!). I have also developed extreme irritation in the vaginal area. I saw my Gynecologist yesterday and he said I was bright red and had tiny abrasions and some ulcerations as well. The wipes I used there for a urine specimen also burned like crazy, and they never had before.

I'm not doing or using anything different except for the Linzess. Could that be causing this painful syndrome? I am in the process of filling a script for a steroid cream to be used twice a day, and he said if I wasn't improved to return in 2 or 3 weeks.

I am 61, and many years past menopause, have been avoiding sex because of this and an IC flare-up. I can't think of anything different except for the new med. Any ideas?