When I was 18 I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1, this diagnosis came only after 15min after talking to a therapist. At 18 my parents decided to get a divorce, one I was put in the middle of and it was a nasty one where my parents divulged dark secrets I knew neither had, on top of that I was dealing with an unfaithful boyfriend. I started crying out of no where and frequently so I took myself to my general practitioner who immediately brought me to the therapist. After describing that I dont really remember my childhood just certain traumatic events ( the year 2000 we had family deaths back to back months apart, I was 12) the therapist told me I was bipolar one and had severe depression. She prescribed me Lamictal. Fuzzy now but I think the dose was 15mg. Really low. But after I started to take it I was stripped of all emotion. All I did was sleep and go to work. I found no interest in activities anymore and didnt find things funny that I used to. My parents called me a zombie. I began to have panic attacks and lost my appetite. My therapist told me to cut the pills in half and it still didnt work so we decided I should stop taking it all together since it was such a low dose. Never went back... but ever since stopping the lamictal certain side effects listed for this med have stuck with me and I am now 30. I barely eat. Never feel hungry. I have panic attacks, have a lot of anxiety, im always cold (but not anemic), my menstrual cycle changed and never regulated. The list goes on. I am just wondering if it is possible for these side effects to effect you life-long causing the need for different meds. That was the first time I had ever taken a prescription pill or drug at all except for amoxicillin, so Im overly concerned about the issues ive been experiencing especially because my general practionier says I am one of her healthiest patients.