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Can you take erythromycin for tooth pain like a abscess?

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Inactive 19 May 2015

Not being a doctor, but I know few things from nearly a half century ago. Erithromycin is an antibiotic. It used to kill some bacteria, but not all. You need to pair your antibiotic to your bacteria that's causing your infection. Traditionally, and currently, the only proper way to do that is by tests, to find out which antibiotic best and fastest kills your bacteria that infects you. The antibiotics have little effect on viruses, but some do have some effect. The bacteria are in constant evolution, and they become adapted and resistant to antibiotics. After the euforia caused by the discovery of Penicillin, that seemed to kill every bacteria in it's path, came the disappointment. The bacteria and the viruses were adapting and becoming resistant. The pharmaceutical industry strived and came up with new, more powerful antibiotics, and the microbes strived too, to become resistant to them. Today we have crazy diseases, especially those bred within hospitals or prisons, that resist to almost any drug. They are called MDR for Multiple Drug Resistant. It's a continuous race, for the microbes to get resistant and for the scientists to get newer drugs to kill them.
But the basis of the practice remains the same. Swab some of your microbes, and test which drug will kill them. That is the correct method. Sadly though, the doctors can't afford to do that for every patient. So they do their best guess, of what will kill your infection, in this year and that part of the world, and in that part of your body. The respective correct tests are called antibiograms here, and are almost never done for each patient. It costs too much. The doctors are forced to rely on statistical dynamical data, changing even from one season to another.
So don't guess yourself on the antibiotic. Let the doctor guess, and if you can, pay for a more rigorous testing, although that may be irrelevant, because the doctors already know what's ailing you, of course do that if you can.
Don't play with your health. There are numerous types of bacteria, and some of them can cause a horrid hole in your cheek. Go to the dentist and let him gamble for you. You are not, and I am not, in any position to validate your suggestion for Erithromycin. Just go to someone who got more patients killed, at least he learnt something. Don't be afraid, you don't have a better choice.
Getting that Erithromycin stuff will be like a shot in the dark for you unless OK'd by a real doctor..

Nattjenta 20 May 2015

Not sure what you're asking. Have you been prescribed this drug for this particular tooth pain? If not, then I'd say no. Often times, in fact in most cases, dentists will prescribe an antibiotic for your abscessed tooth, in addition to treatment for the pain itself. But if you are talking about just taking an antibiotic you have leftover from some other problem you had, don't do it. An antibiotic is not to be taken "as needed." It is prescribed for a set period of time. You are supposed to take the entire prescription, as prescribed, until it's gone. Have you been to the dentist? Because an abscessed tooth will not go away. It has to be treated. free discount card

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