... epididymitis for 7 weeks now. I am starting to be very tired (and depressed and anxiety) with this thing that never seems to go away. I do not suffer any pain but sometimes I feel little pain in the testy itself and upwards the testicle channel.

I have been on two different antibiotics + LSID? (similar to ibuprofen) to reduce the inflammation and pain. I am healthy man, 41 years and exercise 5-8 hours (running, bicycle, swimming etc) weekly before this started and I am not a fan of sugar (which can increase the inflammation in the body).

Now I am eating all kinds of vitamins to reduce inflammation and other that shall be for this area but it doesn't feel right.

I have to ask a few personal questions:

* Do you have a lump under your testicle? I understand some of you have in this string / forum
* when you have orgasm have you experience a small part of the sperm mass that are thicker then the other?

As the Epididymitis string goes from the top of the testicle, down to the bottom of the testicle (called the tail) and back it I guess it will be to "crowded" in the return and semen will get stuck for some reason.

Have anyone of you talked to the doctor to empty that part? Not sure if that is ever possible but if I look simple on this the Epididymitis are a simple whose where the sperm are produced during 5 days or so. The thinker sperm, and maybe some of you as well experience, could that be due to that sperm are stuck in the that part of the Epididymitis? Would it be beneficial to actually "flush" the system with more regular orgasm was my last question? Sounds too easy to me but have anyone talked the doctor about this?

All the best